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Book (written in Dutch):

Bruce Lee’s fighting movies, in the beginning of the seventies caused a new rage. Gyms were overwhelmed with requests for eastern martial arts. Kung-fu became a household name next to more well-known sports like Judo, Karate and Taekwondo. 

The Nunchaku:

But there was another new phenomena; the Nunchaku. The superfast fighting sticks had a huge effect on a broad audience and the traditional weapon quickly became a status symbol among youth. Side effects of this popularity cause the Dutch government to intervene in 1974 and the Nunchaku became a prohibited weapon. 

For over ten years it was relatively quiet around the ‘fighting sticks of Bruce Lee’. Until in 1984 the foundation for a new martial art was created. The Dutchman Milco Lambrecht developed a special Nunchaku made out of a synthetic material and created an independent sport around it. The sport was called ‘Nunchaku-do’. 

Milco Lamrecht has been promoting this dynamic martial art for over 25 years now. In 1987 he founded the Stichting Nunchaku Nederland (SNN) and in 1996 the World Nunchaku Association (WNA). IN the Netherlands the sport is affiliated with, and recognized by the NOC*NSF. Milco Lambrecht published a book about ‘Nunchaku-do’ in 1998. This book gives a clear picture of a sport that is made on eastern basis, but is a Dutch invention. The title of the book is: ‘Van een verboden wapen tot een erkende sport!’. Also available on the website.


The only official Nunchaku of the World Nunchaku Association (WNA) and the Stichting Nunchaku Nederland (SNN). This Nunchaku is very suitable for beginning and experienced Nunchaku practitioners. 

The Nunchaku of the World Nunchaku Association (WNA) and the Stichting Nunchaku Nederland (SNN), was developed in the mid-eighties and has been further developed into the best product to practice ‘Nunchaku-do’ with. For beginners and experienced competition fighters alike. In developing the special Nunchaku for sports partitioning, Milco Lambrecht has spent a great deal of attention to the safety of the product.

For a body length smaller than 165cm, a Junior Nunchaku is recommended.
For a body length greater than 165cm, a Senior Nunchaku is recommended.

Learning online nunchaku, this is the result!

Jelle taught himself online nunchaku and sent us a video of his progress.

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Watch how Jelle did this and why he chooses Nunchakushop

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